2702, 2017

Healthiest foods to have in your kitchen

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When we decide at some point that we would want to pay more attention to what we eat, it’s hard to know where to start. It can be very confusing about which foods are the

1002, 2017

The Best Locks for Home Security

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Dead Bolts  Traditionally, deadbolts have been the standard for home locks. They are most ideal for the best security and safety and should be used on all exterior doors. Whether in combination form with a

3001, 2017

Tips on how to sparkle and shine!

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How to Run a Smooth and Happy Household Keep your home running smoothly! Ever wonder how she does it? Everything is perfect and the house smells great. You go visiting a friends or neighbors and

3110, 2016

How To Choose Appliances: Washing Machine

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Washing Machine Firstly, you need to know what you want: a top-load or front-load washing machine! When it is a time to buy new appliances, consider these tips before heading out.   Front-load washers do not

1807, 2016

Exterior door trends 2016

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It is not a secret that every homeowner wants to make their house the most beautiful. Today we have many options to choose from. A variety of  choices ranging from the most simplistic to the

707, 2016

Door lock types

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Moving to a new house or replacing a door can require a lock change or installation. For staying safe in your home it’s best to choose good quality locks. Today, there is a large variety